Thursday, October 30, 2008

get in the spirit with a ringer!

Halloween is fun. I'm not dressing up because I'm not going to any parties and I don't have kids to dress up with (yea, I'm gonna be that mom, look out) but I still like Halloween. I prefer to go with a strictly autumnal theme for seasonal home decor, but that's more because I like to decorate in 2 month spans. Anyway, Halloween. There are 2 key elements that go into being prepared for Halloween if you are a non-costuming adult. Candy and a Jack-o-lantern. We got super cool candy to hand out, which was the easy part.

The jack-o-lantern part is a bit more difficult for me. It's been 12 years since my traumatic carving accident, but I know that I will die without ever carving another pumpkin. Mom and I were going to just put a candle in one of those plastic pumpkin buckets. We didn't see any at the store today, so we changed the plan. I was just going to paint a face on a pumpkin. So we picked out a nice big one and brought it home. Here comes the part about the ringer. My brother called and said he and Natalie were getting ready to carve theirs. I asked if he wanted to do ours, too. He knows about my fears and totally agrees with my decision to never carve a pumpkin again, so he gladly agreed. Natalie and I designed the face together. I think he's pretty awesome...

My adorable face design assistant:

My adorable distraction from the actual carving:


Vicki J. Dooly said...

HOLY MOLY! Can't believe 12 years have passed since your incident! That's when I was sitting next to you in Mr. Coker's biology class. Man! I feel OLD! :-)

Suz said...

I totally made my dad bring my bio book to the ER because we had a test the next day!

To make yourself feel less old, remind yourself that we couldn't even drive yet at the time. :-)

Vicki J. Dooly said...

Haha - too funny. :-)