Friday, October 17, 2008

lalalalalala tonight!

Last night I had a girls' night with The Jen. Her sister Lori hooked us up with a pair of tickets to see New Kids on the Block.

We had a beer before we went to the show. We got to the Toyota Center, laughed a lot of people, then found out our tickets had been upgraded. Instead of crappy nosebleed seats (section 400!!) we got moved down to section 120, row 13. Pictures available on myspace and facebook. The show was everything I could've dreamed of. We laughed so hard when we weren't dorkily singing along. There's a time in the show where Jon gets a camera and Danny encourages the crowd to dance while Jon films. Guess who made it up on the big screens during that segment? Yup! Jen did the robot and everything. We're so cool.

After the show, we met up with her sister and her friends for a few beers.

I got home at 4 this morning. Totally worth it.

Cuz you gotta be hanging tough.


Melodie Ann said...

Rock star. You've got the Right Stuff. HA!

Michelle said...

omg, you so lucky!