Tuesday, November 4, 2008

no, it's not because he's black.

It's because he's LIBERAL.

I'm not a conservative because I'm stupid, y'all. I'm a conservative because that's what life has taught me.

I hate big government. That's the bottom line.

I think wellfare is a crock. I'm all for aid, but not for lifers. I'm not a fan of a system where illegal immigrants and people who have no concept of "birth control" are living on government money and can get healthcare when I can't. No, not everyone on wellfare is like that. But the vast majority of the people in my neighborhood in Dallas sure were. Liberal Denver agrees. I was denied unemployment wages. I was denied medicaid. I couldn't even get food stamps if I wanted! Why? Because when I was still living with Denver, we made more than $30,000 a year between us. And now because I live with my parents. My dad is 65 and claims social security (because use it while it's still there, right?!) so that makes me ineligible. I would love to have a job. I apply for jobs. I've even gone on some interviews. But until then, I have student loans that aren't getting paid (and so today I learned I can't get a real estate license if I decided I wanted one), I have a wonderful bill from the hospital for $9,000 that I got today (if I had just stayed home and tried to suck it up like I usually do because I can't afford to see a doctor, I could have had a heart attack at 26 because my heart rate was so accelerated or worse, died because my organs could have failed), and my parents somehow find almost $500 a month to pay for my insulin and pump supplies. Public healthcare would be AMAZING. They gave me some information about some program that I have to provide all kinds of forms saying where I live and that I pay bills in my name (which I don't, since I don't have a job) so that I can go to the cheap clinics (not HOSPITALS) an hour away from me. AWESOME.

I believe in immigration. We're a melting pot, after all! I appreciate the jobs that so many illegals do, because I don't want to mow your lawn, cook your food, paint your house, or clean up after you. I don't think they're stealing jobs from Americans. But I do believe that they are breaking the law being here illegally, and then things fall back into the whole healthcare issue.

I believe in abortion. I think that when a woman is raped or the victim of incest, or when the mother's or child's life is at risk, abortion is excellent. But I think that the women who have had several abortions because they just keep getting pregnant are an awesome argument for being pro-life. I bet a prescription for birth control is cheaper than all those abortions.

I believe in gay marriage. I think you have no control over who you are attracted to and that saying that love can only happen between a man and woman is a violation of the separation of church and state. I don't think gay marriage ceremonies should be performed in churches, per say, but that's not a legal issue. Gay couples deserve spousal rights.

I believe in stem cell research. That's purely selfish because I know it impacts diabetes research and well, I'd like to see it cured in my lifetime.

I am a fan of energy diversification. That's totally our future. I mean, we aren't still using steam to run trains, so obviously we evolve. But in the mean time, my car runs on gas. Drill domestically. Seriously.

I'm technically a moderate, but I sit decidedly on the right side of being a moderate.

So excuse me for not peeing all over myself with delight about the new liberal president. The world didn't end, but its not like it got magically better.


christina said...

It's not magically better, and nobody's (well maybe someone out there is) expecting it to be. I totally respect and agree with some of your ideas laid out there. I didn't vote for McCain for very personal reasons - I know I have a lot to learn in the way of politics but he (and Sarah Palin) were not people I trusted with my vote.

Suz said...

And just so you know, I love you and I respect your opinions. At the end of the day, isn't that what being an American is about? Having your own opinions and having the freedom to express them?

christina said...

oh of course lovely :) I think too few people engage in educated political discourse. It's good to have conversations and not try to demonize each other.

Melodie Ann said...

You just wrote most of what's in my head. That right there is one of the millions of reasons you and I are friends. Nothing like personal experiences to make you more conservative than your friends. Girl, I hear ya.