Sunday, November 9, 2008

nuggets of, well, weird.

I've had a busy weekend of tastings, and each tastings provided me with at least one memorable moment.

Friday, I was at the Spec's in downtown Houston. That tasting was awesome for my self esteem. As soon as I walked in, Marvin (the head of demos for that store) came over to me, calling me baby and had all my stuff set up and ready to go for me. I've heard stories about how fickle he is with who he likes. Then there was Dante. That boy decided he looooooooves me. Seriously, if you aren't feeling so hot about yourself, spend 3 hours near your own Dante. He told me I was beautiful in no less than 5 different ways, compliments galore! What a sweetie. So here's the memorable nugget of weird for that tasting. This couple walks by and one of the other reps goes, "Hey would y'all like to try some wine?" The man turns, and announces to half of the store, "Oh, no thanks. That's the wine that gave her diarrhea!" CLASSY.

Yesterday, I was at Spec's in Sugarland. This was decidedly less eventful. The nugget was more hilarious than "classy". I was pouring samples for 2 men who were very obviously a couple. One of the distributors was there stocking her wines and said to them, "Oh, your wives will LOVE that wine!" The 3 of us CRACKED UP. She had no clue! I went and explained to her after they left that their wives probably wouldn't like the wine, since they're gay. She joined in the laughter.

Today I was at HEB in, well, a melting pot of non-white races. I think I saw 10 white people total for the entire 3 hours I was there. I saw what Amy Winehouse would look like if she was black. Seriously. This woman was covered in random tattoos that didn't piece together or anything. She had the thick black eyeliner winged out. She was wearing the weird head wrap scarf thing. And she was a hot mess. She ties for the weirdest nugget of my "adventure" though. I got a tranny. That's right. A TRANNY. She was cute, but the fake lashes and nails combined with the slightly off voice made me question her gender, and so when I checked her ID and saw that her name is Brandon, I knew. And I laughed.

Gotta love my job!

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