Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm thankful for...

I saw this on For Once in My Life I think it's a good idea for me to do it, because, well, after the year I've had it's hard for me to find things to be thankful for, and I need to change that. I've been saying for months that when all is said and done I want to petition to have 2008 stricken from the record. This morning on the radio, I got a perspective change. They said, "2008 has been a year full of worry. Instead of calling it that, let's call it a year of all that we lived through." I'm going to embrace that outlook.

In no particular order:
1. I am thankful for Denver, because he has shown me that I can love unconditionally and hurt more than I thought it was possible to without dying.
2. I am thankful for my parents, because they haven't kicked me out and have (not always cheerfully) provided for me during the past year.
3. I am thankful for kitties, because Lucie keeps me from sleeping alone and because Tilly is a retard.
4. I am thankful for my cousins Kelly, Lizzie, April, and Erin, because they are hilarious, they are loving, and they are just as ridiculous as me.
5. I am thankful for Grace Fellowship, because having an amazing church home really makes such a difference in life.
6. I am thankful for Kauri, because she's always praying for me, she gets me out of the house, and she doesn't think I'm crazy.
7. I am thankful for For Once in My Life (Mel), because she fills my heart and lets me cry without being a weirdo.
8. I am thankful for The Cobbs, because of the women Eryn and I have become, because Bo doesn't like tuna helper, and because Jackson is freaking adorable.
9. I am thankful for Anna, because everyone needs a friend with a cool foreign accent. Also, because she believes in me and reminds me that my heart knows what it's doing.
10. I am thankful for Ross Thomas Lucksinger, because he is the most amazing man in the world. Normally, that title should be for my husband, but these days, Ross is the one who loves me properly, and I appreciate him more than I will ever really be able to say.
11. I am thankful for Jen Hernandez, because she is a light in my life, and a total gift from God to keep me going.
12. I am thankful for the triumphant return of my period, because it renewed my faith in God's eventual blessing of children for me.
13. I am thankful for the Bible, because it's God's gift to me. It's His word, His promises, His comfort, His heart, His everything.
14. I am thankful for Bernie and Katy, because when little sister's world falls apart, having Big Brother and Big Sister to take care of you helps so much.
15. I am thankful for Natalie and Isaac, because they are beautiful and hilarious and fill my heart with overwhelming joy.
16. I am thankful for Renee Long, because she rescues me, even though she swears she doesn't.
17. I am thankful for KSBJ, because they don't play commercials and because I needed more positive jams in my life.
18. I am thankful for Whitney, because she proves that no one is perfect, regardless of the packaging. However, she's so amazing in her flaws and dorkiness and I love her so much.
19. I am thankful for the clearance section, because I'm poor but I get to own cute clothes.
20. I am thankful for Emily, because everyone needs a friend they've known since before they could do multiplication, especially when that friend is awesome AND takes you for mani/pedi on your anniversary 2 weeks after your husband tells you he wants a divorce.
21. I am thankful for my Sunday school class, because those kids are freaking hilarious and I'm learning so much from them.
22. I am thankful for electricity, because we didn't lose it during Ike and so many did.
23. I am thankful for SoMellifluous(Christina), because she's a fountain and she gives great hugs.
24. I am thankful for the Little Jen Jen that Could, because we're the only ones who think we're funny, Oh My Dad! Sudoku.
25. I am thankful for the internet, because blogger, twitter, gmail, and facebook are addicting.
26. I am thankful for knowing who my true friends are, because when your life falls apart, the ones who stick around are the ones God really wanted you to have.
27. I am thankful for my sweet sweet savior because He is always there, because His love never goes away or gets selfish, because my purpose in living is to glorify Him, because He is good all the time, because He provides, and for a million more reasons.

With more thought, I might change some of that around, but those are the main ones that came to mind. A lot of it seems small, but I have to cling to whatever I can these days.


Anonymous said...

and you are thankful for the beautiful and tasty pie that you made :) Happy birthday my love. I am always here, no matter what :hug:

The Cobbs said...

I am thankful sooooo much for you!!!!!!!!

christina said...

and I am thankful for you and your craftiness and your sincere, unconditional love of the Lord and everyone around you.