Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September isn't Summer

I don't care what the thermometer or my damp armpits say, September is the start of AUTUMN, aka my favorite season. Here are a few reasons why it's my number 1.

1. My favorite color is orange, so that works.
3. hoodies and cardigans with flip flops.
4. all the Christmas stuff comes out (if you know me, you know that I ADORE Christmas decorations.)

Since today was the first day of September, I lit my mulled cider candle (smells AMAZING), watched football, and crafted a beautiful centerpiece.

Nothing says "fall" like styrofoam vegetation and balls. It makes me feel festive, and added to my excitment when UCLA upset Tennessee in overtime.

If you need me, I'll be lost at Garden Ridge.


Melodie Ann said...

I love Garden Ridge! I make a pilgrimage there every year before Christmas.

The Cobbs said...

LOL I have been fighting the urge...telling myself "It doesn't make any sense to buy anything when you are moving soon!" but I can still hear Garden Ridge calling my name....

rytrgal said...

I am addicted to Garden Ridge. Thankfully, it's slightly out of the way from any of my usual errands, so I've only stopped there for Christmas stuff last year. And thankfully, Jeremy has yet to see me in GR mode.

I think it's smart to hold off decorating...er, re-decorating until we're married, although the apartment is now "our" home. Oh bugger...