Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ike, Ike Baby.

First of all, it's September 11th and that warrants some reverence. Do you remember where you were? I freaked out in my dorm. I lived on the 11th floor of a 14th floor dorm building, 2 blocks from the capitol building of the largest state and the home state of our president, on campus at the largest university in the country AND the university where the president's daughter and nephew were currently enrolled. It was a horrible day for our nation and at the same time, a beautiful day for our nation. Say a prayer for the fallen and for the ones they left behind, as well as for the terrorists.

Now for regional news.

I LOVE thunderstorms. I do not LOVE hurricanes. I wasn't all that concerned until this morning. I mean, we have a generator, and Mom and I went and bought some food (canned of course) and water, figuring we'd only need stuff for a day, MAYBE 2. I was even cracking jokes with Ross about the dreaded Cone of Uncertainty! Then we saw the models this morning and suddenly, the mood has changed. We're still planning to stay here, with all 5 animals. My mom grew up in Texas City (which they're currently predicting a 20 foot storm surge to hit) so she's an old salt with storms. And this isn't the first hurricane I've been through in this house. I mean, for Hurricane Alicia, my parents had to stock up on diapers because I was only a year old. My mom remembers "fondly" Hurricane Carla, so she made this atrocious face this morning when some idiot reporter called Ike "the second coming of Carla."

Keep us in your prayers. Not just my family, but the whole region. It's gonna be a doozy.

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christina said...

I first thought you typed "boozy" as in, we're going to need some booze, so I laughed.