Friday, September 5, 2008

I caved.

Today, I bought Christmas stuff. I bought my wreath and a garland (which I will decorate after Thanksgiving) because they were half price and so it was $8 for both of them. I also bought some fabric because my mom is going to make a table runner for my coffee table. We went ahead and got it because we'd scouted 4 different stores and that was the only nutcracker material we'd seen. Plus this gives Nanner lots of time to make it.

In non-seasonal binge purchases, I'm addicted to wedding magazines. Thanks, brides!

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rytrgal said...

LOL. Jeremy has given me permission to plan. I just have to run everything past him for a quick approval when it's all figured out, but he said he doesn't really care. So, plan away my MOH! :)