Saturday, September 13, 2008

On this post Ike Saturday...

We survived, and were for sure on the lucky end of the stick. I posted some hurricane pictures on facebook...

I stayed up all night with Mom and occassionally Dad. Denver texted to check on us around 1:30, which was a pretty huge comfort to me, given the role reversal from Hurricane Ivan. The power flickered a lot after the storm made landfall around 1, but didn't go out until 5am. We started the generator and continued watching coverage. That's right. Our cable never even went out, despite the tree that fell on the box outside. Then a little after 6am, the power came back on, and I finally went to sleep.

I appreciate everyone who's been checking on me throughout this. It's made me feel incredibly loved and that's invaluable.

The saddest thing about this for us has been our border collie, Sadie. She's 13 and blind, and she got extremely sick last night. We thought the storm was just making her nervous, even when she started to throw up a little. We knew she was really sick, though, around 3am when she started having diarrhea that was basically just straight blood. I know that's really disgusting, sorry. She has had accidents all over the house. It's miserable for her and miserable for us because we can't do anything for her right now. We're afraid that come Monday, we're going to have to have her put to sleep. I know it might seem silly, since she's a dog, but she's a part of our family, and we're very upset about it. Please pray about that for us, and for her to not be in pain.

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The Cobbs said...

I'm glad you guys are okay...I saw the storm went the other way, so I figured you'd make it! :) Bo's family is fine too.

...Isn't it funny how they are never "just pets?" I remember when we had to put our dog Studley down. It was devastating; we all actually went through mourning. It's okay to be sad for a pet!!!