Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spoiling is fun!

I know his birthday isn't until December 3rd, but between the sale price and the overwhelming cuteness, it went in my cart. Oh Isaac, your Aunt Suzy is a sucker for making you giggle!

it's called the Put 'N' Giggle Octopus. The balls are soft and he can practice motor skills putting them into the bowl. Plus it wiggles and giggles which will totally make him laugh. And that totally makes me happy.

I'm so screwed when I have my own babies.


Melodie Ann said...

That is awesome. I wish I had a niece/nephew I could spoil -- well, ok. You know that story. But, anyway, Love it. Heck, I'd buy it for myself. My motor skills always need more work.

The Cobbs said...

I searched for something like this for Jack forever. He's pretty much too old now, but I saw this one in a catalog that was an fish bowl with little fish that you drop into it. It lit up and played music, and I thought it was so cute. I should have ordered it when I saw it because I never could find it after that!!