Sunday, August 10, 2008

In your FACE.

I absolutely love it when God is in my face. Well, not so much when He's convicting me, like in my face saying, "STOP THAT!" and pointing out my flaws, weaknesses, and avoidable stumbles in my walk. But I love it when He's in my face showing me He's there and listening.

This morning in Sunday school, we were talking about how God took care of Baby Moses. The lesson for the kids was that God takes care of them just like He took care of Moses in the river. When they said we'd grow spiritually from working with kids, they weren't kidding! Who doesn't need that reminder that God is always taking care of them?

Then I get to big church (I teach during the 8:45 service and then worship at 10:45) and there's this beautiful glossy flyer card thing for the upcoming sermon series: Marriage - For Better or For Worse. Katy gave me some encouragement because she knows those sermons eat at me, and not in a convicting way. September 7th is "How to be a good husband". Anyone interested? :o)

Then tonight, I texted Denver for Lucie (because she got on my bed, walked over and nuzzled a picture of him, then snuggled in my lap) to tell him she loves him. He responded with "Do you know who Need to Breathe is?" Um, YES. "Yea, they're my show tonight." Friends, this is HUGE. For several hours tonight, Denver will be ministered to, whether he realizes it or not. He will be surrounded by Christ's message and be in a room where people are worshipping the love of their life - JESUS. Being at a Christian concert is extremely powerful, and it's hard to not feel it deep inside of you.

God's fighting for him so hard, y'all. He's been telling me to be patient and faithful this entire time, and even in the darkest times He's been there (even when I felt left - but that was to build patience) and now He's giving me a burst of answered prayers. I've prayed so many times for God to put things in Denver's path that make it hard if not impossible to ignore Him. Um, hours of praise will do that.

God is so cool.

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The Cobbs said...

Praise God! Let me know how it went!!