Sunday, January 11, 2009

sorry, sorry

I've been a bad blogger. But, it's not my fault.

I was reading Twilight.

I'm available for discussion if you'd like. OBVIOUSLY I loved it. I mean, I started it Tuesday morning and I finished last night. I couldn't stop. I couldn't help it!

I've also been drinking more water. Oh, and applying for jobs and going on an interview, which will hopefully lead to more. So, hey, I'm getting into my "resolutions"! That's good, right? I thought so.

I just wanted to update real quick because I felt so lame ignoring my blog. Well, and I feel guilty because some of y'all (mostly Eryn and Christina) have been so GOOD at updating yours.

I love you!


christina said...

THERE you are :) do you mean you read the first book or the whole series? because baby, the obsession ain't over 'til it's OVER.

Suz said...

Um, if it took me Tuesday thru Saturday with minimal interruption to read 1 book, then I'm a loser. Of course I read all 4.

Kyle, Tiffany, and Samantha said...

Aww congrats on finally reading Twilight! It's extremely addictive. Say goodbye to any life you may have had pre-Twilight. ;) Oh, and then after you read all 4, go on and read the unfinished Edward's version of Twilight. Aw, man! I just realized how nerdy I am.

Suz said...

OMG Tiff I love you so much. I was wondering what I should do with myself since I read them, since I'm nerdy too and now dream about them.