Monday, January 19, 2009

Honesty Scraps

Megan tagged me to do an Honesty Scraps blog. Now, this seems a touch silly to me, given how ridiculously open I am on this blog. Basically, according to her blog, you're supposed to list 10 "secrets" or little known facts about you. This is really hard for me but I'm a good sport, so here we go!

1. The first time I ever moved was when I left for college. My parents moved into their house about 6 weeks before my older brother was born in 1979. That's the house I'm back living in now. Now those are roots, people.

2. I have a hard time eating spinach. Raw spinach is fine, as are creamy spinach dips, but cooked spinach, from a can or even creamed spinach, makes me totally sick to my stomach. Why? Because when I was in 2nd grade, we had spinach for dinner (as a veggie with the meal) and that night I came down with a horrible stomach flu. Having canned spinach come back out of your nose and blown all over your bed will mess you up for the rest of your life.

3. I'm a dog person. Now, Lucie and Tilly are my heart, but they aren't normal cats. I really don't like cats in general, or the vast majority of cats anyway. I don't like pets who ignore their people. I like pets who are excited to see you, who want nothing more in life than to snuggle with their people, and who truly act like your companions. That's why I love my girls, because that's how they act. They come when I call them (except for Tilly when she's comfy, but she at least acknowledges me), they love snuggles, and they interact with their people. Its a win.

4. I hate to be alone. Hate it. I mean, everyone needs a little bit of time to themselves from time to time, but I don't like to go overboard with it. I don't like going places by myself, even just to the grocery store or Walmart. I'm getting a lot better about that, but you can put money on the fact that I will never go to a sit down restaurant by myself and eat a meal alone. I'll probably never go see a movie alone, either. I've eaten alone in fast food restaurants and in the cafeteria at Jester back in college, but it makes me SO uncomfortable. I'm a social creature, and I thrive on the human interaction. So those of you who've travelled outside of the country by yourselves, I tip my hat to you.

5. I am terrified of those little pink gecko lizards. I'll pause so you can laugh (unless your name is Kelli and you happen to be reading this and you totally feel my pain. I'm so sorry about the one in your car). Now here's why. I used to just think nothing of them like the green lizards that hang out on fences, etc. But when I was in high school, the ones that lived on our house developed a cruel, cruel little habit. They became jumpers. On multiple occasions, I would get home late after a football game, or at like 7:15 in the morning after a lock in, just exhausted, trudging up to the door when all of a sudden, there was a small thump on my head and a wiggle. Yea, it was a lizard landing on my head. That is TERROR. SERIOUSLY.

6. I could eat some form of Mexican food every day and not be sick of it. I love it that much. You do it right and there's nothing yummier out there. However, I don't like onions, bell peppers, or tomatoes. Mostly just go easy on the onions and I'm good.

7. The grossest thing in the universe to me is the noises the mouth makes. Anything involving a slurp, spittle, smack, etc just absolutely makes me throw up. It even carries over to some people's mouth breathing. There are people that I have a hard time eating around. And seriously? Why would anyone POSSIBLY think its okay to chew with their mouth open? I know people who do it and it blows my mind.

8. I have weird hands. I have extra bones in both of my thumbs as well as arthritis in my right hand. The arthritis came from when I cut my ring finger halfway off and pinkie 2/3 of the way off when I was 14. Weather changes tend to bring the most pain, but they get stiff and painful randomly a few times a month.

9. I can do a dead-on Wisconsin accent, but I've never been there. I can just imitate my family really well. As a matter of fact, my dad coached me in the exact way to say "Wisconsin" He used phrases like, "More nasal!" "Stretch it out more!" I've actually only been across the Mason-Dixon line once, not counting a layover in Chicago, and that was to Pittsburgh in November of 2006 for Noochie's wedding!

10. I'm accident prone. Fortunately, the only "bone" I have ever broken was my nose, but not for lack of trying. I've sprained and jammed my wrists, fingers, toes, and ankles more times than I can count, and I've had double digits of concussions, but apparently I have a high enough calcium intake that my bones are strong. I bruise pretty easily and am covered in scars. The night Sgt. Areola and I met, that's what really peaked his interest. We compared scars. Then we made out. He was a good boyfriend, lol! If only I was graceful and didn't fall down so much... or out of chairs... I think Katy's actually only responsible for 37% of my accidents. ;-)

Yea, those weren't that interesting, but I did what I could. Now I tag Eryn, Melodie, and Tiffany. READYSETGO.


Mama said...

Bernie is also terrified of those geckos. They must have been really aggressive over there when y'all were growing up.

The Cobbs said...

AHHH okay. :)

Suz said...

Katy, you have no idea.