Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You say it like the color "Green"

It is pretty much impossible to be sad when you're having a girls weekend with my girls. Seriously. Kacie and I drove to Austin Friday night, and found Dayna "incapacitated", so we played with her dogs, Lando (a German Shepherd) and Aerial (a 3 month old Yorkiepoo). Saturday, after a few hours of sleep, the 3 of us headed down to New Braunfels for Michelle's bachelorette party. Floating the Guadalupe with good friends is easily one of the top 10 best things in life. Seriously. So what if despite my repeated applications of sunscreen I am still BURNT on my legs and chest? It was worth it. After showers and naps (okay, so only Christina and I took naps, whatever), we kept the party rolling with dinner at the Gruene River Grill and then drinks at Tavern in Gruene. Michelle had a great time, which was the ultimate point, and I laughed so hard all day long. Sunday, we intended to get up early enough so I could make it back to Katy in time for church, but that plan was aborted rapidly. Instead, it was lunch and an early showing of Wall-E at the Drafthouse for the original 3. It's a super cute movie, btw. After the Drafthouse, Kacie and I headed home.

It was a really great weekend, and I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeded it.

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