Thursday, July 31, 2008

kids say the darndest things!

There's pros and cons to having such a close family...

Pro- My cousins are very supportive and always there for me to lend an ear or cheer me up. Plus I can babysit.

Con- the following story.

So, I'm watching Dallas, Monica, and Charissa, 3 of my cousins' kids. I was going to the restroom when Rissa starts hollering that Monica hurt herself. I hurry out, and the 2 of them are standing there, looking guilty. Then Rissa busts out with, "How did your husband hurt you?" Um, what? "I heard that you and your husband broke up because he hurt you. What did he do?" "Well, first of all, y'all are 6. Secondly, he hurt my FEELINGS, not like hit me or hurt my body. And that's all you get to know because like I said, you're 6."

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh. I mean, they totally understand splits because Monica's parents divorced last summer. They're just curious. And if they weren't so stinkin' cute...

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