Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where are the oranges?!

OBVIOUSLY, I need more fun in my life. Mission: accomplished.

I finished my tasting at 5 on Friday and gave Kacie a ring. She and I decided that it was time for her to go out for drinks in Houston. She's 23 for cryin' out loud! Zack was headed to Austin for a weekend with Sarah, Rosie was working, but Kevin was game. Our first obstacle was selecting an establishment. If you know me and/or Kacie, you know what an ordeal that was. We are not decisive people. After several hours and a spaghetti dinner (for her, with her parents), we googled. We decided on a decidedly cheesey-seeming place called Uncle Albert's.

Kacie arrived first and informed me (from her car in the packed parking lot) that it looked "like a lot of older people." I tell her that it'll be fine and meet up with her in the parking lot. We go inside (Kevin was meeting us a little later) and get settled with a pitcher of Blue Moon and NO ORANGES. Seriously?! Why are you going to have Blue Moon on tap and NOT have oranges? Ridiculous. We decided that the offense wasn't a deal breaker and found a table, with no stools of course. Within 5 minutes, we had been sent a round of shots. We knew it was going to be a great night.

When we'd been there for 15-20 minutes, I was accosted. Kacie and I were having a conversation when all of a sudden, there was an older guy (well into his 50's) grabbing me on my right side and attempting some sort of dancing. That was just funny. Then he kissed my ear and gave me the heebeegeebee's somethin' fierce. Turns out, his name is Richard and he has something to do with the cover band that was playing. He provided us with several more highlights.

Kevin arrived just in time and saved us from an uncomfortable moment with Richard. Not for long, though. A slow song started and Richard grabbed Kacie's hand and informed her they were going to go dance. She attempted to protest, but this was hilarious so we didn't help her. Instead, because we're such good friends, we watched the train wreck and tried not to pee our pants because we were laughing so hard. When she finally returned, we laughed even harder. First of all, he tried to throw some salsa dancing in there. To finish the song, he dipped her and kissed her neck. Kevin darted to the men's room at that point because he wasn't sure he could hold it any more.

Being a crowd worker, Richard decided to try to work his Casanova moves on his own demographic and moved on to some older women at the bar. He took one to dance, then came back and was attempting to schmooze another when we heard a crash and looked over and saw Richard and a barstool on the floor. MAN DOWN! Turns out he's not smooth in any way, shape, or form because he fell off the barstool. We didn't see much of him after that.

We did, however, see a group of women who were publicly entirely too good of friends. When you're at a bar, and you're quite obviously nearing (or have passed) 40, do not do a "group back massage" with your friends. It's weird. But it does make us giggle.

We ended up with a fan club for Kacie. The guy who sent us the first round of shots came over to make friends with us. He's now head over heels in love with Kacie. He and his friends began buying us (Kevin included) rounds of shots and even provided a pitcher of beer. Our table was pretty much the only group under 35 in the who place. SWEET!

A few constants that entertained us for, ya know, the duration.

1. Apparently, Chuy's isn't the only place where the special on Friday's is fish tacos. We all know what a sausage fest is, so naturally when its all females dancing with each other, it's a Fish Taco Fiesta.

2. At the bar about 10 feet from our table, there was a fantastic people watching scene. It was a couple, probably in their early 40's. The man had a GLORIOUS mullet. It was like Kevin in the front, Kacie in the back. Oh, and he just happened to weigh probably 350 pounds. The lady had better hair, but she turned out to be infinitely more entertaining. Despite her age and "round" stature, she fancied herself quite the sexy dancer. She gyrated and shook it and generally got down with her bad self. These 2 entertained us for hours.

All in all, it was the stuff that dreams are made of. It was a lot like old times, and we all really needed to just get loose and get silly. And just imagine how much more fun we'll have when Rosie and Zack start coming out to play with us.

I so love my friends.

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