Monday, December 29, 2008

*gasp* NERDS!

Here it is. The long awaited (mostly by Mandi) post about the Anime Convention Ross and I found. Coincidentally, my brother and sister-in-law found them later. The hotel her company Christmas party was at just so happened to be the hotel next to the convention center. When they walked in, one of the nerds saw them looking around and said, "The people dressed like you are on the 3rd floor." PRICELESS.

So, this was the first picture I made Ross take. I say that because, well, I couldn't keep a straight face and he could so I made him go take the pictures. He walked up to this kid and said, "Hey dude, sweet Link costume! Can I take a picture?" The kid got WAY excited (yunno, since Ross and I are obviously normal people) and unsheathes his sword and strikes this fierce pose.

I actually took these 2. Please be advised that this is actually a female.

These girls were wearing vampire fangs. And they seemed to really enjoy Ross, mostly because he's not ugly and he has facial hair. *giggle*

What? You're in a giant amphibian costume? *click*

There were so many more fantastic outfits, ranging from Harajuku-esque crazies to ninja wannabes. It was GLORIOUS.


Mandi said...

Amazing. The only problem is that you've left me wanting MORE MORE MORE! (Mario looks like she ate 2 Jeremys for his mustache growing power.)

The Cobbs said...

WOW. That is beautiful.

Suz said...

omg Mandi. CLASSIC. Jeremy totally has the sweetest mustache EVER. Like, Tom Sellack is envious of Jeremy's 'stache.

christina said...

THIS IS AMAZING. I'm going to need some more pictures.

Suz said...

I wish there were more to post!! Ross had to get to the Toyota Center for the Horns to lose to Michigan State (be quiet, Eryn) and I had to get to my wine tasting.

Mandi said...

Sellack is totally envious. It's kind-of embarassing how envious he is of the 'stache.

Mama said...

hey, my new computer will let me comment on your blog!

I love the Link dude. You've gotta own your inner nerd to make that happen.