Thursday, March 19, 2009

dum dum da dum

I can't believe it's finally time! At 6pm on Saturday, the wedding of Bunny and Dave will begin. Well, I mean, that's what the schedule says, but we all know how that works... lol She told me tonight it hasn't quite hit her yet. That's totally how she is, though, so I'm not surprised. It'll hit her tomorrow when I get there, or at the very latest Friday when EVERYONE gets there.

I'd appreciate a few extra prayers this weekend, if you wouldn't mind. Pray for Bunny's stress, that this goes as smoothly as possible (because no wedding is perfect!). Also, lately I've been extremely sensative and easily weepy (especially if I have any amount of alcohol in my system. I'm blaming that on my insane hormone imbalance that I will hopefully get to see a doctor about soon... that's another post entirely, though.) Being in proximity to D has an unpleasant effect on me. Pray for my strength, and that God would help me to guard my heart. When I get back on Sunday, there's no time to breathe. My mom is having a full knee replacement on Monday morning. Oh yea, would you keep that in your prayers, too?

GOSH! I'm so needy today! lol Y'all are the best and I'm blessed by you!

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Anna said...

Prayin, prayin, prayin. Funny thing is, I was just praying for my own heart's questions (not exactly problems, but things my heart is uneasy about), and I thought I'd check your blog, because it usually helps me with my prayers, and there was a list of things to pray for, for you, and to help put things into perspective, and inform my own questions.
On another note, I can just see you in my mind all glowy and smily and running around, like you do when you're supporting a friend you love in their joy. Just wanted you to know that I love that about you. xxxx